INTRO - Hello!
I love you

Cherry-desu. You can call me Chiiia or Chari whatever you want.
I'm a fangirl & I love
Yuto Nakajima is my bias. 
I'm interested about Yamajima. 
Anime and Manga is my addiction. I'm a big fan of Code Geass, Kuroshitsuji, Kimi Ni Todoke, Gundam Series and lots of more plus Shoujo mangas. I love to draw and sing. Chocolates, Ice Cream and pickled Cucumber are my favorite foods. 

"comments to be added: FRIENDS ONLY!" 

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Have a nice day. 

Happy 5th Anniversary!
I love you

the first group that made me crazy, 
the first group who taught me that dreams come true,
the first group that brought a lot of happiness in my life
the first group that I became a fangirl,
& the very first group that I love.

Thanks for coming into my life. You're one of my inspiration. 
Whatever what happens I'm just here for you guys.

From the bottom of my heart........ I love you Hey!Say!JUMP
& I will continue loving you all. 

Congratulations! & more anniversaries to come.

from: Cherry.

it's all about M-A-N-G-A!
I love you

I am proud to present, my manga collection! The very first manga that I had was Fruits Basket vol. 17 (the Hannah cover), my Onee-chan gave it to me when I was 13 years old, she bought it at Singapore & it was written in Mandarin. I am planning to collect the complete volume of Yamato Nadeshiko, Fruits Basket and Afterschool Charisma but it's not that easy because it's really expensive. 

I love you
to my LJ family, "Thanks" for all.
I love you guys.


Which is?
I love you
 "The Hitachiin Twins guessing game"

Which is Hikaru, Which is Kaoru?

Be careful in guessing or else you're in trouble. JOKE OKAY?



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